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Nm0517 528 i1 article

Host with the most

Host with the most: Targeting host cells instead of pathogens to fight disease.

see also: http://go.nature.com/2pYSV5h

640zikarnavax article
The Scientist

RNA Vaccine for Zika Shows Promise

Researchers use modified messenger RNA to produce a vaccine that protected mice and nonhuman primates from infection.

640metastasis article
The Scientist

Lipids Take the Lead in Metastasis

Researchers find diverse ways that the molecules can regulate cancer’s spread.

Nm1116 1194 i1 article

Shapeshifters in cancer: How some tumor cells change phenotype to evade therapy

Nature Medicine
See also: https://t.co/tgPEVnu8Y0

Neuroimmunitypanel1and2nocopyb 310px article
The Scientist

Immune System Maintains Brain Health

Once thought only to attack neurons, immune cells turn out to be vital for central nervous system function.

Diabetes hispanics custom 7b2d5ab6e972f85d44d569f9894aa0fd0ad2e07e s800 c85 article
National Public Radio

To Fight Off Diabetes, Latina Women Find Power In A Group

The goal is to intervene early so that fewer Latino women develop Type 2 diabetes.

B cell response article
The Scientist

Culprit for Antibody Blockade Identified

Type I interferon organizes several immune mechanisms to suppress B cell responses to a chronic viral infection.

Cdc map of zika virus distribution as of 15 january 2016 article
The Scientist

Who Is Immune to Zika?

Researchers tap into ongoing dengue studies to improve antibody-based diagnostic tests for Zika and address unanswered questions about the emerging virus’s epidemiology.

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The Scientist

More Zika Vaccines Progress Toward Human Trials

Researchers show three vaccines protect nonhuman primates from infection.

Notebook4 article
The Scientist

Your Office Has a Distinct Microbiome

Researchers detail the major factors shaping the microbiomes that surround us while we work.

640zika article
The Scientist

Zika and Dengue Immunity: A Complex Relationship

Researchers examine the blood of people infected with dengue virus, finding a few Zika-neutralizing antibodies among mostly enhancing ones.

Staphylococcus aureus on chromid cps chromogenic agar   detail article
The Scientist

Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotic Could Spare the Microbiome

A drug that singles out Staphylococcus aureus leaves gut-dwelling microbiota largely intact, a mouse study shows.

Febplant1 640px article
The Scientist

Holding Their Ground

To protect the global food supply, scientists want to understand—and enhance—plants’ natural resistance to pathogens.